Signs That A Dead Relative Is Visiting You In Your Dreams

#1. Understanding these dreams

People have been having dreams about their deceased loved ones for ages, but experts are only starting to understand the meaning behind these types of dreams.

#2. Dr. Patrick McNamara

In an article for Psychology Today, Patrick McNamara Ph.D mentions some common characteristics of these types of dreams, such as involving the physical traits of the deceased ones (i.e. healthy vs. sick) and also the type of emotions the dreamer experiences after seeing their loved ones (i.e. peace vs. fear).

#3. Appearance

“The deceased appeared as they did in life rather than as they did when they fell ill. In fact the deceased often appeared much younger or more healthy than when they died,” Dr. McNamara explained.

#4. Reassuring the dreamer

The deceased could also reassure the dreamer: ‘I am OK and still with you’. This message is usually transmitted either telepathically or mentally instead of verbally. These types of dreams are usually clear, intense and vivid and it would be hard to tell their difference with a real encounter.

#5. Lauri Moore

Lauri Moore, a psychic, also has some valuable info: “When a deceased one comes to you in your dreams, that is an actual visitation. That is them coming to visit you to give you a message. The message could mean anything: that they wanted to just tell you they’re OK, that they made it to the other side without any issues, (or) maybe they want to give you a warning.”

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