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‘Miracle Is Fake, He Left Our WhatsApp Group’ – Dee-One Laments On Double Wahala Reloaded (Day 4)

The BBNaija Double Wahala Reunion show entered the fourth day on Thursday after it started on Monday, March 18, 2019.

The host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu took it to a whole new level when he decided to have a hearty discussion with only the male ex-housemates first.

Tobi, Lolu, K. Brule, Teddy A, Bitto, Leo, Dee-One, Angel, and Rico Swavey were the main attention for viewers on the fourth episide.

The 9 male ex-housemates gave insights into the drama that occurred after the reality TV show, how fans created walls between ex-housemates and other reasons for ill-attitude towards one another.

This year’s reunion show has all ex-housemates from the 2018 season, aside Miracle, and the BBNaija Double Wahala winner has been found wanting with several allegations leveled against him.

Here are all the important details that you might have missed from episode four of the BBNaija Double Wahala Reunion show.

1. Dee One’s grouse about Miracle and Tobi

In a chat with Ebuka, Dee-One said he felt bad that after the show, Miracle has not been responsive to requests or attach himself with other housemates. Dee-One told Ebuka that he invited every ex-housemate for his show and also invited Ebuka himself but Miracle refused to show up.

According to him, Miracle acted a fake life in the BBNaija house to emerge winner and has since after the show been a snub to him.

He said: “Miracle is fake, yes I admit that. He left the WhatsApp group we created without saying a word, I sent him a Direct Message (DM) on Instagram about my show he snubbed me and never replied. He should not claim he is busy because everyone is also busy.”

He went on to note that Tobi also began having airs around him like Miracle when he quit the WhatsApp group for the ex-housemates.

Defending Miracle and himself, Tobi said Miracle still has no airs around him and might have been honestly busy when Dee-One had his show. He went on to explain that there were bad vibes coming from the WhatsApp group and as such, he decided to leave the group to remain sane.

2. Leo confesses to having feelings for Cee-C

Leo confessed to having feelings for Cee-C despite his long standing relationship with Tobi. During the discussion among the male ex-housemates, Ebuka asked Leo what transpired between him and Cee-C after the reality TV show that saw many talking.

Leo responded by taking viewers back to how it all began saying when he lost his mum, Cee-C was there for him emotionally and because they spend a long number of hours together, they started working on projects together and caught feelings for each other. Leo went further to say he and Cee-C discussed their emotions but refused to share what their conclusions were despite Ebuka’s insistence.

3. K_Brule feels misunderstood

Ebuka engaged K_Brule on how he’s being viewed by fellow ex-housemates and he opened up saying he feels misunderstood. K_Brule noted that because of his skin colour, many people view him as a foreigner and some of his jibes are perceived too foreign.

The ex-housemate, who was disqualified from the show, said many of his fellow ex-housemates misunderstood him thinking he is more privileged than others.

4. Khloe, Ifu Ennada are the most dreaded

Khloe and Ifu Ennada have been confirmed the most dreaded females from the 2018 Big Brother Naija season tagged ‘Double Wahala.’

Ebuka decided to play a game with the nine male housemates asking them to pick who they can marry, kiss and jail from the 10 female ex-housemates. The male housemates, who were divided into two sitting arrangements, said they would jail Khloe and Ifu Ennada.

When Ebuka asked the reason for the decisions, the male ex-housemates unanimously said both Ifu Ennada and Khloe are handfuls.

5. Lolu feels fans have no right to determine their moves

Lolu expressed his disappointment at fans, who seemed to have created enmity among housemates. He told Ebuka that many housemates started having issues after fans waged a fence among them.

Lolu went ahead to give an example of how he had given a surprise visit to Anto in Abuja at one of her events but was unable to make it to her event in Lagos and fans started creating meanings to his actions.

“Fans can try to influence our actions but they can’t make the final decisions for us because that lies with us only,” he said.

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