Men Are Scared To Approach Me – Eno Barony

Ghanaian rapper Eno Barony has disclosed the reason why she has remained single all this while and she is currently searching for a serious man to date.

According to the rapper, most men are scared to approach her because they think she represents the persona in her raps.

The “Fear No Man” singer further disclosed in an interview with Hitz FM that she is a tomboy and it might also be part of the reasons men find it hard to approach her.

“Some of them think the way I am, that’s how I am, maybe, I’ll beat them or something they are scared of me … you know I am a tomboy”, she said.

Eno Barony while also speaking about her kind of man, said that she would love to have a man that respects her, leads her and loves her at the same time.

“You see me I need a guy who can rule, lead, respectable, you know what I mean. The way I am, if you are very soft guy I might overrule you so I need an Asante type of guy,” she added.

Watch the video below:

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