#HealingInAPhone Is Trending On Twitter & These Tweets Will Make You Anticipate What Is Coming!

There is so much one can do with a mobile phone or so much a phone can do these days. A phone can be many things; a clock, music player, reminder and let’s not forget the advent of IoT (Internet of things) which is mostly done with mobile phones.

However, this #HealingInAPhone trend which has stirred up diverse conversations on social media is quite the eyebrow raiser. While we can’t lay our hands on the actual thing, the conversation on social media suggests that something big is about to happen.

Major influencers such as OAP Yaw, BigTimi, Pamilerin, and others have joined in the conversation which has already seen different memes and GIFS creatively used by users on the social networking site, Twitter.

Although we do not yet know what it is, see few tweets from these influencers which may well let the cat out of the bag.

“It’d be nice to have #HealingInAPhone though, I’d just take my phone, and receive healing whenever wherever! Lol.” – @Mrbigtimi tweeted. OAP Yaw also added his voice, he said: “The world keeps evolving sha, imagine getting #HealingInAPhone”.

While these tweets are published, a tweet from a twitter handle belonging to a telemedicine platform stood out; @seekmedapp tweeted: “We are super excited about #HealingInAPhone and we can’t wait to tell you all what it is about. Keep the guess coming!

Could this be a healing platform for real? The wait continues… but what do you think is coming?!

See more tweets below:

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