Code Wilo Explores An Important Part Of The Country In Its Filmmaking

Lagos has been a huge part of Nollywood since its inception.

In fact, the city itself is synonymous to the Nigerian filmmaking Industry. Not only because it houses it (Nollywood has no physical location but Lagos is generally credited as its location) but also because 80 percent of the movies made in the Industry are made in Lagos.

Over the years, the Actors that have ‘blown’ have mostly moved to Lagos to become celebrities. And most Celebs in other cities have had to move or do something in Lagos to be considered as a National superstar.

However, with the Industry currently saturated, movie that tell their stories outside of the jungle city almost always have a refreshing feel.

Like Code Wilo.

Set in the South-South area of Nigeria, Code Wilo first introduces you to the beautiful interior of a palatial home. In its very first scene, the audience meets most of its stars in a large, well-built sitting room where there is an ongoing event.

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