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BBNaija Reunion: Alex Reveals She Prayed For Cee-C Not To Win (Ep. 10)

Episode ten of the BBNaija Double Wahala Reloaded show saw the final five housemates, except Miracle, talk about their final week in the house.

The Double Wahala housemates went right into it, talking about who they were surprised made it to the finals and who they thought would make it but didn’t.

Tobi said he was surprised Nina made it to the finale, and Nina said she knew would because she prayed about it. Alex said she didn’t believe anyone would vote for her, and Cee-C said she wasn’t surprised she made it into the final week.

Both Nina and Alex felt Teddy A would make it to the finals, and both of them said it was because of the way he carried himself in the house. Alex said she expected Khloe in the final also because Khloe always talked about having celebrity friends. While Tobi said it was the people he expected to get to the final who did (except Nina), Cee-C said she thought Rico would make it because he was humble and Nigerians enjoy humble stories.

The ex-housemates played a spicy game where they described each other in the house and now out of the house in one word.

In a shocking moment of truth, Alex revealed that she got down onto her knees to pray that Cee-C does not win Big Brother Naija.

Cee-C said she found closure when she told Tobi and Alex off after they gossiped about her, but only regrets the words she used.

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