The Trick I Used On My Girlfriend In Order To Know She's Been Cheating On Me

- Published: 15 October 2015

I was having a feeling that my girlfriend was cheating on me. I tried asking her on different occasions but she maintained she wasn't. I thought she might wanna open up to me but I thought wrong.

I've been telling her to go for an HIV test long before all these, of which she promises to go for it but she ends up giving me so many excuses why she couldn't, like being busy and all that.

So this particular night she came over to my place and we started talking, I asked her again if she was having an affair with someone else but she denied again. I needed to know because I didn't want to waste my time with anyone, I wanted to know so that I could know where to place her.

So I told her I'd gone for my own HIV test, and she needed to go for hers as well. She wanted to know the result of my test but I told her never to mind cos I won't and if she's lucky enough, hers might just be different from mine, knowing we've had it raw too many times.

I think she got struck by the cord, so she started pestering me and begging me in fear to show her my result, but I refused blatantly. I stylishly told her she's really done so much in my life by changing me to whom I am and preparing me for what I wasn't ever prepared for.

She thought I was HIV positive, I was putting her on her toes cos I didn't come out clear, then I asked her who she's been sleeping with apart from me. I begged her for the truth this time, that telling me the truth is the only thing that will make me show her my result. That was when she started crying, telling me how she got pushed by friends to dating this guy, not only that, she's been having unprotected s*x with this same guy and at the same time with me.

I didn't see the writing on the wall at all so all these was so surprising to me. After telling me all that, I told her I'd not done any test, and I'm grateful I know the truth now and the truth has set me free.

I dumped her sorry ass cos no amount of pleas could change my heart. A couple of weeks after, I did my HIV test, with my heart buried in my lungs, but thank God I'm negative and I'm not gonna screw this second chance I've got.

So pls readers, no girl is worth the raw no matter how much you feel you trust her. And also, checking your HIV status is the only way to know you are positive cos before then I thought I was cos of so many symptoms I used to have but surprisingly, after knowing I am negative, all the symptoms stopped.

Thanks for taking your time to read. Have a nice day.

By JayJay