Why Place A Fridge In Your Living Room?

- Published: 09 October 2015

With an emerging middleclass mostly congested in urban centers, there is a growing anomally in the way certain gadgets are just acquired as status symbols as opposed to their purpose as prescribed from factories.

Most urban homes boast of a fridge these days. However, fridges are fixed in a corner of the living room, and not the kitchen.

It is a funny situation when the woman in house has to keep walking into the livingroom to retrieve onions, tomatos and other stuff from the fridge.

The matter is made worse by landlords that construct tiny houses that one has to exit the kitchen to get enough elbowroom to blow their nose.

She has to navigate her way past her husband's stretched feet, which is not very romantic when the two have been sleeping back-to-back for the past three weeks because he was caught answering a phone call in the toilet.

Annoyingly, after having used half of the tomato, she has to negotiate her way past his scaly legs to deposit the remaining bit in the fridge.

But even when the fridge is rightfully in the kitchen, it is never used for storage. How would it, when all it has is a bottle of water and a packet of milk? It is true; most of those elephant-sized fridges that buzz on and on are so empty you get tempted to store your shoes in them.

When you think about it, fridges should be for those who shop in bulk.

However, with our struggling economy, we buy one onion, two tomatoes, a quarter kilo of meat, one cabbage and a few grams of cassava flour for one meal.

We live one day at a time. So why do we pretend that we will have enough food to store in a fridge for one month?

In any case, in most African countries, tomatoes and onions can be bought from vendors. The day's dinner comes stuffed in a woman's voluminous handbag and when she alights from taxi in the neighbourhood, she even gets veggies that have been chopped. Why, then, would she need a HUGE refrigerator?

Besides, shopping in bulk is not strategic because it encourages waste and theft. Studies have shown that when the housemaid notices a bag of rice in the store, she ensures that some kilograms disappear.

In the circumstances, one would be crazy to stuff a whole goat carcass in that gigantic fridge stuck next to the TV set. That hunky watchman will have a meat bash at your expense!

Adapted from Agencies.