Five Amazing Tips For Losing Belly Fat

- Published: 23 September 2015
Five Amazing Tips For Losing Belly Fat

Most of the food eaten these days are fattening and could be detrimental to one’s health.

Healthy food has been replaced by fattening diets that has left many bloated and out of shape. The effect of excessive fat in the body is a general knowledge now. This explains the effort people make to get rid of dangerous excess fat. Fat in the belly could be embarrassing, especially when it has gone out of proportion giving the body an amoebic look. Fat is usually stored around the liver and organs in the stomach. The accumulation is done over time. While it would not disappear in a day, tremendous and consistent effort should be made to reduce belly fat.

Below are amazing ways of losing belly fat

1. Sleep

Sleep has been known to help in weight loss. Study shows that getting less than 7 hours of sleep a night is harmful. A craving for food is normal when the body refuses to get to sleep. The only way the brain gets to relax is by sleeping. Insufficient sleep impacts the production of Ghrelin and Leptin; the hunger and fullness hormones. When deprived of sleep, the body produces more ghrelin. One gets to eat more and consume a bigger portion of food as a result of this ghrelin. Most of the food consumed late in the night is usually high in carbohydrates. Little or no sleep inhibits metabolism and contributes to weight gain.

2. Exercises

Consistent exercise helps reduce belly fat. Certain exercise focused on the abdominal region is most times not effective. Fat could be accumulated in various parts of the body, it is nearly impossible to reduce the fat concentrated in one spot. It doesn’t reduce the circumference of fat building at the waistline. But exercises like running, walking, and swimming are important in weight maintenance therefore, they help reduce belly fat.

3. Reduction of Sugary Intake

Sugar sweetened beverages should be avoided. It is unhealthy. Sugar is made up of glucose and fructose. Fructose is being metabolized by the liver; excessive intake of sugar floods the liver with fructose. This at the long run is turned into fat. When this happens constantly, the belly gets accumulated with fat. Sugary fluids in the form of soft drinks and fruit juices also enhance fat accumulation.

4. Regular Intake of Protein

Diet which contains protein should be taken often. Protein cannot be stored in the body like fat and carbohydrates. The body would only make use of the one it could. Protein helps in preventing weight gain, eating enough protein can help lose weight as the fat reserve in the body is being used as fuel. After the reduction of the belly, protein could still be consumed to maintain weight.

5. Reduction in Carbohydrates

Since it is established that fats around the liver and organs cause belly fat, effort should be made to cut down on diets that could enhance fat accumulation after being broken down. In weight loss, foods that are low on carbohydrates are more effective as compared to foods low in fats. Foods low in fat focuses on burning calories and starvation is eminent; they inhibit hunger. With reduction of carbohydrates, one doesn’t have to go hungry while working on the reduction of belly fat. The fat in the belly are shed with consistent consumption of food that are low on carbohydrates.