She Sleeps With Snake Every Night And Gets Frightening Truth From Vet

- Published: 26 June 2017
She Sleeps With Snake Every Night And Gets Frightening Truth From Vet

Pets. Those of us that have them treat them like they're one of the family. We talk to them, we love them, we share our lives with them. A lot of people are so close to their pets, they go everywhere together. A lot of pet lovers even sleep with their pets. No, not like that – we mean they share a bed.

Dogs, cats… sure. We can see that. Hamsters and guinea pigs? Probably not a good idea. Things like snakes, though? Who would sleep with a snake?! Well, you'd be surprised!

This woman did. She's shared her story but wishes to remain anonymous. Her story? Fascinating, scary and a great warning shot to any snake lovers out there… Don't sleep with your pet!

She'd slept with her python more and more and it had recently become a nightly thing. But she grew a little worried. Not by the sleeping situation, but more by the health of her snake. He appeared to have begun losing weight. Then one day he stopped eating entirely. So she took him to the vet.

The prognosis? TERRIFYING. The vet heard about the issue and asked some questions. When the vet heard about the sleeping situation, she knew exactly what was happening…

The snake had stopped eating in order to prepare itself for a particularly large meal… Its owner! Sleeping so close to his human, he had begun to fancy her as dinner. But knowing her to be an big meal, he had starting starving himself to make room!

So there you have it. Got a snake? Don't sleep with it.