If You See This Insect In Your House, Get Out Quickly And Call For Help!

- Published: 31 May 2017
If You See This Insect In Your House, Get Out Quickly And Call For Help!

If the insects terrorize you, the lines that follow will certainly not reassure you, because we will present the Triatominae.

This insect that anglophones nicknamed the “Kissing Bug” is a parasite that can infect humans like animals and even be deadly.

But what is most worrying is that in recent months there has been a considerable increase in the infections caused by this parasite in South America and the United States.

In the United States, there were 300,000 cases and in Texas alone nearly 400 dogs died because of this parasite.

And just to worry even more, this parasite attacks its victims while they sleep.

Moreover, one of the special features of this parasite is that it is generally asymptomatic, meaning that the victims do not realize anything, but once symptoms are felt, it is often too late.

If you ever experience extreme fatigue, coordination problems, convulsions, diarrhea, abdominal pain, loss of appetite or high blood pressure, maybe you have been a victim of this parasite .

In order to avoid being infected by this parasite, always make sure that your pets stay indoors at night and make sure especially that no insect can enter through the windows.

On this, be vigilant and we wish you a good night’s sleep!

Illustration of their size according to their age: