Stay Young Without Injections: Techniques In Makeup That Really Work

- Published: 11 May 2017

Is it possible to look 10 years younger without injections and plastic surgery? We are sure it is! Believe us, the right makeup can make miracles! In this post we will give you useful tips, follow them and you will get fantastic results. 

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Choose light foundations of warm shades

You can choose any brand of foundation, but if you want to look young and fresh, you should give preference to a consistency of light fluid. Dense foundation effectively hides skin imperfections, but it also makes fine lines more visible, and that treacherously give out your age. And remember, the warmer skin tone you choose, the younger you will look. So try to choose the foundations of yellowish or peach shades.

Apply your foundation with a wet sponge or Beauty Blender

To avoid excess of foundation on your face, use a wet sponge or Beauty Blender. This way your makeup will be virtually unnoticeable and weightless.

Use a concealer with liquid texture

Every woman knows about the problem of dark circles under the eyes. Therefore, the concealer is our faithful friend and assistant. However, it not only masks the flaws, but also highlights the fine lines under the eyes. To avoid this, choose a concealer with a liquid texture. 

Discard loose powder

Maybe this will be a real shock to you, but professional makeup artists are sure: there is no product worse for aging skin than loose powder! If you're not ready to abandon this product, try using powders with translucent texture and reflective particles. And always apply your powder in a daylight. 

Discard the black eyeliner

Black eyeliner is a sort of classic. But if we talk about anti-aging makeup, you should forget about the black eyeliner. Dark brown shade will give your eyes no less expressiveness, but it won`t make your eyes look smaller. Draw thin eyeliner and point it a little bit up, it will make your eyes look wider and younger. 

Choose nude lipsticks and glosses

As we become older, our lips tend to become thinner. Therefore forget about the dark lipsticks and take a look at nude neutral shades. Pale pink or beige lipsticks look very natural and don't attract attention to fine wrinkles around the lips.