If Your Man Does These 6 Things, He's Playing You For A Fool

- Published: 15 April 2017
If Your Man Does These 6 Things, He's Playing You For A Fool

1. He never answers his phone but replies with a text

Every time you call him he never picks up but will send you a text right way.

His form of communication is mostly texts.

2. Says he doesn't want a relationship

A man will play along and treat you like a girlfriend even though he considers himself single because you didn't get the hint when he said he didn't want a relationship.

Anytime a man says he doesn't want a relationship believe him before he proves it to you.

3. Netflix and Chill

He prefers indoor dates rather than to take you out all of the time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with staying home and enjoying each other's company but when that's the only dates he seeks he is simply interested in getting some ass from you.

4. Flirting

He constantly flirts with you but won't take the next step. He rather "go with the flow" than to claim you as his girlfriend.

Huge RED FLAG anytime a man just wants to "go with flow" he is playing you for a fool. He sees you as nothing more than a placeholder for when the woman he really wants comes around.

5. Dates

He never plans dates. You find yourself doing all the planning and he makes little to no effort in trying to take the initiative.

6. Never there

He is never really there for you when you really need him, but you find yourself being there for him all the time.

When a man really wants you to be in his life he will snatch you up before giving another man a chance to do so.

Be aware of those who are quick to talk the talk but won't walk the walk. If something doesn't feel right, it's not.