How University Lecturer Makes Money By Easing Life For Residents Of Gowon Estate

- Published: 18 November 2016
How University Lecturer Makes Money By Easing Life For Residents Of Gowon Estate

It is no longer news that Nigeria slipped into recession some months ago. Times are hard and surviving on mere salaries alone is no longer an option. Everybody needs more money to survive and the ability to see opportunities where others see obstacles is certainly a skill worth having at a time like this.

People complain that PHCN or LAWMA offices are not very close, or that the closest ATM is at least a N100 okada or keke ride away. Motivated by the need to satisfy customers with these complaints, Sunday Nse, a University lecturer at National Open University saw the opportunity to make things better for himself and people around him. His execution has put smiles on many people's faces and has made him popular in his area of residence – Gowon estate.

What did he do?

Within Gowon estate and environs, the availability of locations to buy data, pay bills like PHCN, DSTV etc. is limited. The lecturer turned entrepreneur saw this as an opportunity and in 2013, he set up a company that offered data/technical assistance – selling data, airtime etc. to residents in his area. A service, which at that, time was not so popular. His approach sought to solve a problem in his environment and allow him to earn a little extra money.

Recently, Sunday further optimised his business by becoming a Quickteller Paypoint agent, offering not just data and airtime service but also DSTV, StarTimes, GOtv, PHCN and even funds transfer. This has tripled the customer traffic to his company because it has become a one-stop shop for all payment. Sunday Nse is solving problems and providing extra income for himself at the same time.

Similarly, customers are usually relieved by the availability of various services within the neighbourhood - a grocery store down the street, an affordable restaurant by the corner, or a payment service centre down the street. The availability of these kinds of services will help to reduce the stress of distance and ease of access for people. Find out what service you can provide in your neighbourhood and at the same time earn a living from it. It pays to be industrious in these tough times. Be like Sunday, solve a problem.