Outrage As 7-Year-Old Boy Is Lynched In Lagos For Stealing Garri

- Published: 17 November 2016

Jungle justice has become very common in most major cities of Nigeria, especially Lagos. Although people have been forced to take matters into their own hands because the system cannot be trusted to provide justice, mobs have on many occasions meted out to offenders punishments which far outweigh their offenses.

This is proven by a report on Information Nigeria, which alleges that a 7-year-old boy was lynched in the Badagry area of Lagos for attempting to steal garri from a trader's shop.

Though there have been conflicting reports especially concerning the age of the victim or what he actually stole, Nigerians have taken to social media to rain invective on the people who mobbed the boy as well as those who stood by and watched without making an attempt to save him.

@Happiness Ibor: For just garri? Won't they have known hunger caused it? Na de poor boy una fit show una power. People are stealing billions and you guys have not done any thing about it. Irrational humans.

@Vivian Chinenyenwa Ekwelem: What is this world turning into……Wht is garri…..why don't people have heart again why on earth would u kill a 7 years old boy….this is man wickedness to man….this is totally inhuman…may God have mercy.

@Iwuanyanwu Ahamba Eddie: ATTEMPTED TO, not that he has stollen the GARRI, a human being, 7yr old for that matter was killed, God where are you? Where are you God? They did I not call his parents, they did not call the police. This was possible because the police that could have saved this boy are all attached to big time thieves, leaving the innocent in the hands of thugs. Those who perpetrated this heinous acts have murdered sleep, in this life and in the life after they won't find peace. God forgive this little boy and accept his soul.

@Onochie Scofield Benjamine: When you take a dip look into the boy, u will see hunger, frustration, dejection, poverty. If this country had been gud, that boy would have been in school studying.

@Emmanuel Ephraim: What kind of nonsense is this? Which kind of animals do we have in this country? Are there no human beings who have no compassion? And crowds just stand and watch them kill this minor. This is madness. I am beginning to think that these people who lynch people use the act for some kind of ritual. This is purely barbarian.

@Adigun Ibrahim Adedotun: Though stealing is not right but they ought to av known HUNGER caused this and spare d little boy. The funniest part is dat d same set of people would be worshipping d 'pen robbers' E.g #istandwithTinubu.

@Obinna Opara: My GOD!!!!! 7 year old boy, I can't believe this, they worst is that people are there watching instead of saving the little boy, GOD will strike anyone that is involved in killing of this boy one by one.

@Johnson Chioma Rita: God would punish all those who dealt with this baby. Is there food in the country? Why won't he steal? It would not be better for all of them involved in this act. Why didn't they leave it for the police to handle.