Meet The Pregnant 59-Year-Old Woman Who Is Expecting Twins (Photos)

- Published: 05 August 2016

There are some stories that would inspire you and give you the strength to carry on. Indeed, when there is life, there is hope.

Many marriages have suffered turbulence due to infertility issues or childlessness. Some couples have drifted apart because of the constant fights that ensue between them when this issue is being discussed.

It is exciting when we hear breakthrough stories from couples or people who have had one challenge or the other in this aspect.

Call it whatever you want to, things are happening in the society and we would not fail to talk about them. Miracles are still in vogue and people are testifying to God's goodness and mercies every day.

Claudette Cook's story would no doubt inspire you, this 59-year-old pregnant woman's story is a proof that God is still God. She had been married to her husband for nine years; the doctor told her that she would never be able to have a child. Cook was also not sure of being a mother because of her age.

Despite the limitations, here she is, waxing and glowing with twins growing within her. She would be having baby boys as God has decided to rewrite her story and give her a testimony.

Most importantly, she is healthy. See the amazing picture of the pregnant 59-year-old woman below:

1. She believes in God

This 59-year-old woman had always believed in God, she put all the affairs of her life in His hands, She did not let her faith waver.

2. So adorable

Even at fifty-nine, she is still pretty. The heavily pregnant woman looks good with her baby bump. Some younger women do not look this amazing when pregnant.

3. Pregnant and graceful

Claudette Cook sure looks amazing. You could imagine the excitement of this woman at this stage. We wish her all the best. We also hope that people with similar expectations would hang in there and never give up.

Similarly, Roseline Akinsola, a 50-year-old woman who had been married for fourteen years gave birth to twins in Nigeria. Akinsola had two girls and could not stop thanking God for His mercies.

Her story encouraged lots of women in the society as she became a point of strength to them.