Mad Man Regains Sanity After Abuja Choir Sang Praise And Worship Songs (Photos)

- Published: 16 July 2016

A mad man allegedly regained his sanity on Thursday, July 14, as the choral group of Christ Embassy Missions, Abuja stopped over in Lokoja. 

The choristers were said to have burst into singing and a mad man around started dancing. The choir group prayed afterwards prayed for him and he allegedly regained sanity. 

Read the report below as posted by the mission on its Facebook page


A mini crusade occurred in the city of Lokoja on Thursday 14th July 2016, as the Christ Embassy Abuja Choir enroute Lagos for ICLC 2016, stopped over in Lokoja. As activist Music Ministers, the Choir burst into singing and glorious renditions of praise to God Almighty. 

While singing, a mad man around moved by the melody of the anointed voices, began dancing and the Abuja Choir quickly recognized this as an opportunity to demonstrate the power of God. They surrounded him and cast out the evil spirits. Hallelujah! Sanity was restored to him, his clothes were changed and he was given a hair cut. 

As the crowds gathered to witness this glorious Miracle, a man who walked in deaf had his ear popped open and several who witnessed these great miracles surrendered their lives to Christ Recall that this same Abuja Choir while enroute Abuja from ICLC 2015 turned the airplane into an evangelical chariot as they burst into singing, reminding the passengers to be prepared because Jesus is coming again. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! We are spreading into every man's world and God is confirming our words with signs, wonders and miracles. GLORY!!!

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