Sleep plays an essential role in the proper functioning of our body. It not only helps regain strength after exertion or after a long stressful day, sleep is also necessary for brain devel...

- 08 July 2017

Nollywood actor, Samuel Ajibola, has released another episode of his comedy series Dele Issues (Daily Issues) titled “Street Historian”. ...

- 27 June 2017

Pets. Those of us that have them treat them like they're one of the family. We talk to them, we love them, we share our lives with them. A lot of people are so close to their pets, the...

- 26 June 2017

Winner of God’s Children Great Talent was announced at the grand finale of Season 7 held at Eko Convention Center on Saturday 24th June 2017. E...

- 25 June 2017

We grew up watching classics like Cinderella, Coming to America, Pretty Woman, Nollywood’s Violated and a couple of other movies where love conquered the social class divide. ...

- 23 June 2017

The leap of joy, excitement from a cheering live audience spiced with some nerve-wrecking moments and of course breath-taking performances will capture the mood of God’s Children Gre...

- 20 June 2017

You may know that ginger is a common ingredient in Asian and Indian cuisine, but did you know that it’s been used for centuries for its healing properties?

- 20 June 2017

Fast-rising comedian Otolorin Kehinde aka ‘Kenny Blaq’ is ready to take on world stage with his debut upcoming comedy show tagged ‘The Oxymoron of Kenny Blaq’ which...

- 19 June 2017

What is the longest a person has ever lived for? Meet Li Ching Yuen, a man who lived an astonishing 256 years!  And no, this is not a myth or a fictional tale.

- 14 June 2017

A new episode of God’s Children Great Talent (GCGT7) airs this Sunday with 20 incredible contestants chosen as semi-finalists from Abuja, Port Harcourt and Lagos regions.

- 10 June 2017

Some good relationship advice before considering marriage is to take the time to ask questions that plumb the inner depths of your partner’s personality and psychology. Here are elev...

- 10 June 2017

During Ramadan, followers of Islam have no choice than to change their eating habits. They have to abstain from food from dawn to dusk. It can take time for the body to adjust to this new ...

- 08 June 2017
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