The Ghana Food and Drugs Authority has commenced the implementation of the ban on import and sale of skin bleaching products imposed in January this year.

- 19 August 2017

All batteries have an expiry date. Same is true for smartphones' batteries. However, the way you use your smartphone also goes a long way in deciding the longevity of your device's...

- 17 August 2017

The American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist revealed the singular reason while she prefers to remain unmarried.

- 17 August 2017

It has been a few years since students in Nigerians had to deal with long-term strikes; and just at the moment we thought the era of students having to stay an extra 2 to 3 years in school...

- 15 August 2017

We are all guilty of having soda once in a while, but there are some folks out there that are religious soda drinkers (ahem…. at least once per day).

- 13 August 2017

Breast cancer is one of the world main killers for women all over the world. Breast cancer can be caused by genetic factors, but the main factors that lead to breast cancer is bad lifestyl...

- 13 August 2017

A young young Brooklyn gang member in the United States will spend the rest of his life behind bars for shooting at four people – including a pregnant woman whose baby is dead &ndash...

- 12 August 2017

There is absolutely nothing wrong with desiring to end the day, especially since it is Friday, by downing several bottles of your preferred drink. The problem here is when you become attac...

- 11 August 2017

It’s a commonly held belief that everyone has a Doppelganger out there somewhere, and it goes without saying that for some, it just happens to be a celebrity. Of course, most of us w...

- 06 August 2017

As a rule, as we age, numerous medical issues show up and a piece of them are likewise sound-related issues show up. They don’t scrutinize the age, sex, race nor social state, you ca...

- 04 August 2017

Face it, everyone has something that they don’t like about their body. But your flaws probably don’t even compare to these people’s flaws. From a man with two penises to ...

- 02 August 2017

I’ve been feeling really down lately, like a hamster on a wheel or a gray egg avatar on a Twitter screen. My husband is worried about me. &ldqu...

- 01 August 2017
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