The U.S. government has already taken a lot of power from the Church, and Republican President-elect Donald Trump will not take this sitting down. In...

- 15 November 2016

In a recent interview with Pat Robertson's television network, Donald Trump blathered that antigay conservatives the world over can rest easy knowing that he's committed to overtur...

- 13 November 2016

The blind psychic who predicted 9/11 and the rise of Islamic State has also forecast that Barack Obama would be the 'last U.S. president'. Ba...

- 10 November 2016

A South Carolina family who made headlines after giving birth to twins and naming them Donald and Trump, say they have no regrets for giving them those names. 

- 10 November 2016

A Brazilian woman, Vera Lucia da Silva, 44, has fulfilled her 14-year dream of experiencing her own funeral while still alive. Silva slept in a coffi...

- 04 November 2016

A teenager has claimed that she is nine months pregnant and is carrying baby Jesus – but even her own church and family don't believe her. They think she's mad!

- 03 November 2016

A shocking picture of a young girl tied with metal chain to a large lamp post has surfaced online. Reports say that the girl was tied by her cruel mother for skipping school without permis...

- 28 October 2016

Malik Obama has in the last three years shown inexplicable hostility towards his half-brother President Barack Obama. In light of this unexplainable ...

- 27 October 2016

A Georgia teenager, Reuben Nsemoh, has cheated death after he survived a life-threatening head injury on a football pitch that sent him into coma for three days. 

- 27 October 2016

The idea of World War III has long existed since the attacks of 9/11. It was believed that World War III would enter into the world between many of the super powers against Iraq, Saudi Ara...

- 23 October 2016

Republican candidate, Donald Trump faced off with his Democratic Party candidate, Hillary Clinton in the third and final U.S Presidential debate. Mos...

- 20 October 2016

Heart-wrenching images show a screaming young woman flogged in front of a jeering crowd for breaking Islamic laws as floggings reportedly spike in Indonesian province.

- 18 October 2016
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