Don't like the Bible and its TRUTH? Well, you could just create your own...

- 02 November 2015

These pictures went viral in the Middle East this week, showing a dog carrying a newborn baby in its mouth to take her to a nearby house, where she was rushed to hospital.

- 01 November 2015

A large green python is probably the last thing you expect to see in your bathroom. ...

- 31 October 2015

In light of the recent legalization of gay marriages in America by the U....

- 30 October 2015

"Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws" –

- 29 October 2015

By now everyone has witnessed streaks of white trailing across the sky, stretching from hor...

- 29 October 2015

Maldivian authorities have arrested the nation's Vice President Ahmed Adeeb over an al...

- 25 October 2015

NASA has confirmed that the Earth will experience 15 days of total darkness Which starts betwee...

- 24 October 2015

An Alabama aunt thought her 19-year-old niece was spending too much time on Facebook recen...

- 23 October 2015

A 93-year-old Italian priest named Michele de Paolis, considered to be Italy's most rebellious priest and amongst the most universally notorious advocates for the Catholic Church to ch...

- 23 October 2015

Going viral courtesy of two Romanian men at a Spanish resort is a video of the two me...

- 22 October 2015
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