“The millions of people living on the African continent are on the frontlines of climate change, and it is critical that polluters are held accountable for the suffering a...

- 05 June 2017

Amal bin Laden, the fourth and youngest wife of the man who was at the top of the US's most wanted list for over a decade, has recounted the story of the night he died at the hands of ...

- 23 May 2017

WGH is a movement that strives for greater gender equality in global health, and is dedicated to empowering female leaders of today and improving the global health of tomorrow

- 23 May 2017

President Putin has warned that Bill Gates is "experimenting" on Congolese villagers, infecting them with a rare strain of the Ebola virus, and that research and development of &...

- 15 May 2017

A scientific study by a doctor at the London School of Economics concludes that black women are "objectively" less attractive than other women. And tries to explain it. An articl...

- 15 May 2017

Osama bin Laden's son Hamza wants to avenge his father's death, an ex-FBI agent has claimed. The claims were made in an episode of CBS News&#...

- 14 May 2017

A father-of-two has revealed that he drinks a glass of his own urine every day and credits it for his eight stone weight loss.   For the last si...

- 10 May 2017

Peggy Uhle was ready to take-off from Midway Airport in Chicago, Illinois for her flight to Columbus, Ohio. But before she knew it, the plane turned off the runway and headed back to the g...

- 07 May 2017

According to a new biography, two times US President, Barack Obama proposed to a woman who rejected him not once but twice before he eventually met Michelle.

- 06 May 2017

It is the shortest marriage in history, one would be tempted to say. The divorce occurred two hours after their union was sealed. This is the consequ...

- 06 May 2017

Barcelona – Research using man-made, blood-forming stem cells has shown great promise in animal experiments in suppressing HIV.

- 04 May 2017

Russian President Vladimir Putin has actually issued a call-to-action to individuals of Britain, saying that following the murder of their precious Princess Diana 18 years earlier, the cou...

- 03 May 2017
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