Here are some verses you will doubt are in the Bible. However, you can crosscheck as you read this article. 1) Deuteronomy 23:1 ...

- 19 March 2017

When a discouraged Muslim pilgrim boarded a bus in Mecca to return home, he wasn't prepared for a personal encounter with Jesus and the filling of the Holy Spirit.

- 24 October 2016

Solid evidence has once again been unearthed proving that passages from the Bible were based on actual historical events. A team of archaeologists ha...

- 22 October 2016

Photos of this little girl went viral last week and many people didn't really know who she is or what her story is. Apparently, she is the daughter of Pastor

- 06 September 2016

A three-year-old Nigerian boy has won a Qur'an memorisation contest in Saudi Arabia as well as other international contests, leaving many astounded.

- 07 August 2016

A Christian father and his young daughter were burned alive after Boko Haram raided their church.  "On the fateful day, while we were in th...

- 06 August 2016

When Faatimah Knight reached out to her Muslim friends and acquaintances to try and help black churches that had been destroyed by fire, she had no idea how much they could collect. ...

- 18 July 2016

A mad man allegedly regained his sanity on Thursday, July 14, as the choral group of Christ Embassy Missions, Abuja stopped over in Lokoja.  The...

- 16 July 2016

For a child growing up in Lagos, Sundays began on Saturdays. We would iron our clothes, s...

- 24 April 2016

In only three years, Pope Francis has proven that he's much more modern than Catholic leadership of the past. He's got accounts on

- 13 April 2016

Tyler Connell with the Ekballo Project has been touring college campuses around...

- 27 February 2016

Controversial entertainer, Charly Boy has written about his encounter with Jesus in a d...

- 24 February 2016
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