A teenager has claimed that she is nine months pregnant and is carrying baby Jesus – but even her own church and family don't believe her. They think she's mad!

- 03 November 2016

This Chinese wife humiliated her husband after she caught him talking to other women via a messaging app online. According to

- 03 November 2016

A new delicacy may have hopped on to the Nigerian menu as traders from across the country are queuing up to buy frogs at Dorawa Salau Kadawa, a village in Garun Mallam Local Government Are...

- 02 November 2016

There was confusion in Delta State on Saturday as a wedding reception ended half-way, following the bride's pronouncement that she was no longer interested in the few-hours-old marriag...

- 30 October 2016

35-year-old Thomas Matthew has told a horrific tale of how his father, who he claimed initiated him into an occult group, appeared to him and told him to sacrifice his children to him....

- 30 October 2016

A 30-year-old, commercial motorcyclist, Tukur on Friday beat his wife, Jennifer to stupor for accusing him of snoring. It was the intervention by nei...

- 30 October 2016

An Agege Customary Court in Lagos State, has dissolved the 12-year-old marriage between Patrick Idoko and his wife, Udoka, over infidelity, lack of love and trust. The News Agency of N...

- 29 October 2016

A shocking picture of a young girl tied with metal chain to a large lamp post has surfaced online. Reports say that the girl was tied by her cruel mother for skipping school without permis...

- 28 October 2016

The HIV/AIDS epidemic was first reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) back in 1981.  Almost immediately, rumors began to spread like wildfire that the deadl...

- 27 October 2016

If you had ever wondered about the origin of the famous picture of a young African boy seated at a desk, with a pensive look on his face, frantically writing on a piece of paper, your sear...

- 27 October 2016

Malik Obama has in the last three years shown inexplicable hostility towards his half-brother President Barack Obama. In light of this unexplainable ...

- 26 October 2016

A Georgia teenager, Reuben Nsemoh, has cheated death after he survived a life-threatening head injury on a football pitch that sent him into coma for three days. 

- 26 October 2016
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