Kantanka Odeneho is a five-passenger seating four-wheel drive (4WD) without an internal combustion engine. The car is made in Ghana by Apostle Dr. Engineer Kwadwo Safo's Kantanka Group...

- 29 April 2017

A Nigerian engineer, Obayagbona Emmanuel Imafidon, has revealed that he has invented a power-generating device that can solve the problem of power outage in the country and Africa at large...

- 27 April 2017

A 37-year-old mother in Kabimbiri village, Mukono District in Uganda has given birth to an astonishing 38 children. Villagers have given the mother, ...

- 26 April 2017

Such a heartwarming story. The man pictured below is 87 years old. He was married to his first wife for many years without having a child.

- 26 April 2017

Controversial South Africa-based Malawian pastor, Shepard Bushiri who is popularly called 'Major One' by his numerous congregants has introduced an anointed pregnancy test that wil...

- 26 April 2017

Russia has claimed it can disable the entire U.S. Navy in one fell swoop using powerful electronic signal jamming. A news report from the country &nd...

- 25 April 2017

Being raped by human could be psychologically demeaning. And the stigma very overwhelming. But when humans get raped by an animal, then that is the heights.. No man would stand such shame ...

- 24 April 2017

The Police on Wednesday, April 19 arraigned 53 persons before a Magistrates' Court in Chediya-Zaria, Kaduna State after they were arrested at a gay wedding held in the state.

- 22 April 2017

A student from UCLA has just achieved the highest score in history on an IQ test designed by Mensa, and she claims her astonishing result is due to her daily ingestion of sperm.

- 19 April 2017

A Texas man who predicted President Donald Trump's win and the recent strike on Syria has come up with a date that World War III will start. And it's coming soon, according to the ...

- 19 April 2017

Women in KwaZulu Natal, Dumazulu Ward say their drunkard husbands are unable to sire children and they may look elsewhere for sober and potent bed mates. They said their men have abandoned...

- 17 April 2017

Our radar has reached Congo, and this time it's reporting that there's a church in Congo known as Louzolo Amour, where they use beer to cast our demons out of their members. ...

- 15 April 2017
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