Have you ever wondered about the things guys notice first about girls?  Well, ladies, men are not so difficult to understand since they are actu...

- 07 September 2016

It is quite unthinkable for you to leave your phone at home. It is the 21st century and the era of the technology evolution where a phone is as important as the air you breath in. You can ...

- 06 September 2016

Photos of this little girl went viral last week and many people didn't really know who she is or what her story is. Apparently, she is the daughter of Pastor

- 06 September 2016

Pastor David Adeoye is the founder of Royalty Christian Centre. He is married to Sunmbo Adeoye who gave birth to 2face Idibia's first two children before breaking up with the popular m...

- 05 September 2016

While we can all agree that nobody is perfect, there are actually a few things that would adversely affect a relationship if a man chooses to partner with a woman with some not-so-great at...

- 05 September 2016

I had completed the official assignment I went for. It was time to go back to Lagos after spending a week long in the heart of Cross River. My flight had already been booked. For the first...

- 01 September 2016

See what we stumbled upon...... Viral photos of a bride who was probably forced to marry her groom, or perhaps someone pissed her...

- 30 August 2016

If you happen to come in contact with someone with a black dot on their palm, don't hesitate and call the police immediately. You are probably wondering why. The answer is the 'Bla...

- 28 August 2016

A zoo is offering the deep muscle massage to those willing to make a donation to the organisation's running costs.  If you are a little stre...

- 28 August 2016

Today we bring you a viral photo from Lagos. The Nigerian bride pictured below has been trending online after someone revealed that she refused to wear makeup for her big day.

- 22 August 2016

Identical twins have made a shocking confession when they revealed that they sleep with the same man but the man does not know about it. The wife wro...

- 20 August 2016

A girl is in need of urgent help to stop a very bad habit. According to

- 16 August 2016
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