Self-proclaimed 'Male Barbie' Idris Ogunneye a.k.a Bobrisky, 25, has made a fortune from his unusual lifestyle. The skin bleaching expert is ...

- 27 October 2016

Love knows no bounds! These photos of this beautiful couple have gone viral on the Internet and they are so adorable!

- 26 October 2016

A 72-year-old Nigerian woman has become instant internet sensation after a photo of her Facebooking went viral. The digital grandma who according to reports, enjoys catching up on social m...

- 25 October 2016

This lady came fully prepared for her special day. The bride took her game to the next level at her recent wedding ceremony by showcasing her twerking skills... 

- 24 October 2016

When a discouraged Muslim pilgrim boarded a bus in Mecca to return home, he wasn't prepared for a personal encounter with Jesus and the filling of the Holy Spirit.

- 24 October 2016

Congratulations are in order for a woman who received double blessings after many years of sorrow. According to an online user who shared the good ne...

- 23 October 2016

Solid evidence has once again been unearthed proving that passages from the Bible were based on actual historical events. A team of archaeologists ha...

- 22 October 2016

Here's a purported picture of a young man who gave a lady cunnilingus popularly called "head". Apparently, he woke up the next day like...

- 22 October 2016

With so much energy, the drummer(s) dexterously and skillfully beat the talking drum which was tightly locked in his underarm. He expertly squeezes the cords to produce different tones.

- 07 October 2016

We all get problems in life. At times we cannot solve them on our own. That is why we publish the letters of our readers to get your help. You might have been in a similar situation. You m...

- 05 October 2016

It is heart wrenching to witness beloved friends having to live their worst nightmare as they discover their spouse has been selfish and unfaithful. ...

- 04 October 2016

Driving for the first time? Or you're an experienced driver? Or do you have a personal driver? Regardless, distractions are inevitable when driving. As much as driving is fun both for ...

- 04 October 2016
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