This magnificent home was bought by a 23-year-old who has made a fort...

- 14 October 2015

Today at the bank, a man went to the ATM and withdrew all his money. Then he wen...

- 13 October 2015

Ladies, allow men to see your natural look so that they make a wise decision. S...

- 09 October 2015

With an emerging middleclass mostly congested in urban centers, there is a grow...

- 09 October 2015

1. Studying for 7 years in a University, then stay home for 10 years unemployed!

- 05 October 2015

A wedding may be a ceremony but it doesn't mean that you can't ge...

- 01 October 2015

Albert Einstein is arguably the most famous scientist of all time. His theory of r...

- 01 October 2015

The Chinese give a beautiful explanation to this.

- 28 September 2015

Bertrand Russell, a well-known British logician, couldn't wrap his head around why people got so worked up about a little bit of flirting, why they seemed unable to "distinguish s...

- 28 September 2015

My daughter, you are now a wife and soon you'll be become a mother too. God bear me witness that I taught you how to cook and do other house chores. I taught you to respect men and to ex...

- 25 September 2015

Teeth give many clues about your personality, but very few people understand these clues. However, after this post, you will clearly understand these clues and you will also be able to pre...

- 24 September 2015
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