The reaction on the brides face says it all... But the question here is, who is at ...

- 16 October 2015

College students can be crazy.......... these ones are teaching each other how to 'lungula'.

- 15 October 2015

This magnificent home was bought by a 23-year-old who has made a fort...

- 14 October 2015

Today at the bank, a man went to the ATM and withdrew all his money. Then he wen...

- 13 October 2015

Ladies, allow men to see your natural look so that they make a wise decision. S...

- 09 October 2015

With an emerging middleclass mostly congested in urban centers, there is a grow...

- 09 October 2015

1. Studying for 7 years in a University, then stay home for 10 years unemployed!

- 05 October 2015

A wedding may be a ceremony but it doesn't mean that you can't ge...

- 01 October 2015

Albert Einstein is arguably the most famous scientist of all time. His theory of r...

- 01 October 2015

The Chinese give a beautiful explanation to this.

- 28 September 2015

Bertrand Russell, a well-known British logician, couldn't wrap his head around why people got so worked up about a little bit of flirting, why they seemed unable to "distinguish s...

- 28 September 2015

My daughter, you are now a wife and soon you'll be become a mother too. God bear me witness that I taught you how to cook and do other house chores. I taught you to respect men and to ex...

- 25 September 2015
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