Now we can use ultrasound and other modern technology to find out the baby's sex before it gets born. However, not everyone can access these things. So, can you tell the baby's gen...

- 20 September 2016

The state of your hair doesn't only enhance your beauty but always says a lot about your health. There are several products out there that promis...

- 19 September 2016

Around 26% of Angolans suffer from the insidious worm disease schistosomiasis LUANDA, Angola, 19 September 2016,-/African Media Agenc...

- 19 September 2016

Garlic is present in almost every kind of cuisine on earth. Not only is it flavorful, it's also incredibly powerful at healing common ailments. 

- 18 September 2016

Cases of negligence and other medical lapses caused by doctors and other healthcare providers resulting in avoidable deaths or permanent injuries have been described as actionable offences...

- 17 September 2016

The majority of people have problems with the elimination of abdominal fat, and it is considered to be the worst fat as it can cause many health problems, such as hypertension, type 2 diab...

- 15 September 2016

Known to the Egyptians as the plant of immortality and to Native Americans as the wand of heaven, aloe vera comes with a wide array of amazing healing properties — some of w...

- 13 September 2016

In the last couple of years, heart attacks have become very common among the worldwide population. Unfortunately, they're the number 1 reason for death in the world. They occur as a co...

- 12 September 2016

Smoking is harmful for the health. We are all aware of this, but for some it is quite difficult to break this habit. Nicotine causes rapid increase of the blood pressure and serious damage...

- 11 September 2016

Some people have lung problems even though they have never light a cigarette in their life, while other have been smoking for 40 years and their lungs work perfectly fine. All this depends...

- 06 September 2016

Numerous people rinse with mouthwash on a daily basis, in order to support their oral health. Yet, if not used properly, the mouthwash can actually endanger your health.

- 30 August 2016

This amazing drink will help you lose 5 pounds in a 7 day period. It consists of 100% natural ingredients that are easy to obtain and cost effective as well.

- 29 August 2016
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