A Facebook user, Mofe Van Zekins shared an eye-opening story of how his nephew had to undergo major surgery on his spinal cord due to the heavy book bag he's been carrying to school.

- 08 October 2016

Mice enter homes through cracks and holes found in walls and floors. They typically make nests in unused corners and feed on crumbs. People often fai...

- 07 October 2016

We all know how many people have troubles with snoring and sleeping issues. The most obvious problem is the snoring especially if this is your partner. 

- 06 October 2016

Ginger is rich in anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Therefore, it is considered as one of the most powerful foods. 

- 05 October 2016

Although coughs and colds are minor illnesses, sometimes they can be really irritating. For instance, coughing makes it difficult for us to concentrate and may also lead to a few sleepless...

- 04 October 2016

Sometimes we all take a phone into the toilet. But it is a very dangerous habit! You can expose yourself and others to germs like salmonella, E. Coli and C. 

- 03 October 2016

UK scientists and clinicians working on a groundbreaking trial to test a possible cure for HIV infection say they have made remarkable progress after a test patient showed no sign of the v...

- 03 October 2016

The negative publicity against the meat industry around the world is constantly increasing nowadays. There are numerous documentaries and books that describe in detail the policy of the me...

- 03 October 2016

Unarguably, water is essential for our survival. We've probably also all heard doctors say that drinking roughly eight glasses a day is ideal. However, what most people don't know ...

- 30 September 2016

In most cases, snoring is a unique problem that mostly affects the ones that live with the one with this issue. And if your partner snores, you alrea...

- 30 September 2016

Sinus disease is extremely prevalent these days and it affects millions of people around the world. "Sinus disease is responsible for 16 million doctor visits and $150 million spent on prescription medi...

- 27 September 2016

All of us sometimes experience headaches, and there is an effective trick in order to solve them. You simply need to eat a banana and drinks lots of water in order to alleviate the pain.

- 26 September 2016
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