WGH is a movement that strives for greater gender equality in global health, and is dedicated to empowering female leaders of today and improving the global health of tomorrow

- 23 May 2017

Oil pulling is a growing trend, but it’s not new. Maybe you’ve seen something about it on the Internet, or a friend of a friend swears by it, but you’re not sure exactly ...

- 23 May 2017

Schistosomiasis kills 280,000 people every year in Africa alone BERLIN, Germany, May 18, 2017/ -- #MakingSchistory: A giant worm ...

- 18 May 2017

Merck aims to build hypertension experts platform across the globe through call for 2017 Hypertension Award applications to mark World Hypertension Day

- 17 May 2017

Sugar is a chemical substance that our body requires for proper function. However, you are at risk if the sugar content in your body is too high or too low. Hence, it has to be balanced. H...

- 13 May 2017

Memory performance decreases with increasing age. Cannabis can reverse these ageing processes in the brain. This was shown in mice by scientists at the University of Bonn with their collea...

- 11 May 2017

There are millions of people who care about their body weight, especially women who are dreaming of losing weight quickly and effortlessly. But this is sometimes very difficult.

- 11 May 2017

After most people wake up, they head straight to the kitchen to make a cup of hot coffee, or drink a cold cup of water. However, to get the most benefits of drinking liquid in the morning ...

- 10 May 2017

HIV is a devastating illness that affects over millions of Africans. The deadly thing about it is, you probably pass the symptoms up for a fever. The symptoms for HIV are varied from men t...

- 09 May 2017

Salt has been used as a home cleaning product for centuries. It is a cheap and non-toxic disinfectant, which is safe to use and provides amazing results.

- 05 May 2017

In the case of a disabled kidney renal function, the health of the entire body is endangered. In the case of an improper function of the kidneys, the...

- 05 May 2017

Barcelona – Research using man-made, blood-forming stem cells has shown great promise in animal experiments in suppressing HIV.

- 05 May 2017
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