The mix of honey and cinnamon was known even centuries back in traditional curing in China. These items were like meds or cures since they healed and were known as home remedies for a long...

- 27 October 2016

The small holes found on the lower back in men and women are known as Venus holes in women, and Apollo holes in men. They're located at the place where two bones connect the pelvis. Ho...

- 26 October 2016

Mice find ways to enter homes through tiny cracks and holes. They make nests in unused corners, and they can exist on crumbs. You may not even notice...

- 23 October 2016

We have something to show you, in case you are searching for the most beneficial food in the world. We recommend you to try dates. They contain a lot...

- 22 October 2016

Bananas are the number 1 consumed fruit in most countries, even more commonly consumed than oranges and apples combined. Yet, every now and then, the...

- 21 October 2016

The kidneys are vital organs in the human body, located under the rib cage, and are responsible for detoxification and cleaning of the system, as they filter 10-150 quarts blood on a daily...

- 19 October 2016

The color of your hair depends on the pigment cells that are located at the base of each hair follicle. With age, these pigment cells die and their efficiency reduces. When the body stops ...

- 18 October 2016

The sciatic nerve is among the biggest in the body, starting at the lower spine, going through the buttocks, and ending down to the lower limb of the foot.

- 15 October 2016

The benefits of bananas are well known, but the potent properties of their peel are no less important. We all throw it away after eating the banana, but people in some countries, such as I...

- 13 October 2016

Women's bodies are always changing. Sometimes changes that seem normal can be signs of cancer, though. It is best to pay attention to your body so you can notice something different.

- 13 October 2016

Mundipharma becomes the 'Official Healthcare Product Partner of Manchester City Football Club' The multi-...

- 11 October 2016

Harm reduction should be central to effective public health strategies

- 09 October 2016
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