Undoubtedly, coriander is an ideal ingredient for health. It is widely used in China, Turkey, India and Latin America. . Its aroma so special gives a delicious flavor to meats, creams and ...

- 19 July 2017

Sleep plays an essential role in the proper functioning of our body. It not only helps regain strength after exertion or after a long stressful day, sleep is also necessary for brain devel...

- 08 July 2017

You may know that ginger is a common ingredient in Asian and Indian cuisine, but did you know that it’s been used for centuries for its healing properties?

- 20 June 2017

What is the longest a person has ever lived for? Meet Li Ching Yuen, a man who lived an astonishing 256 years!  And no, this is not a myth or a fictional tale.

- 14 June 2017

During Ramadan, followers of Islam have no choice than to change their eating habits. They have to abstain from food from dawn to dusk. It can take time for the body to adjust to this new ...

- 08 June 2017

Some of us cannot do without chewing gum daily.  This is because the flavour or mint of the gum help masks or prevent mouth odour. While there are positive benefits of chewing gum, th...

- 07 June 2017

There is growing evidence that the cucumber is full with nutrients that can fight even the most dangerous diseases, including cancer. This vegetable is also useful for improving the qualit...

- 04 June 2017

If the insects terrorize you, the lines that follow will certainly not reassure you, because we will present the Triatominae. This insect that anglop...

- 31 May 2017

Watermelon is a nice and juicy fruit rich in water, vitamins and minerals that can improve our overall health. However, rarely anyone knows that watermelon rind is far more beneficial than...

- 31 May 2017

Government efficiency could have saved twice as many women & children JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, May 29, 2017/ -- Incre...

- 29 May 2017

Sadly, heart attacks are one of the most common injuries in the world. It has been reported that your body will give warnings signs of a heart attack...

- 27 May 2017

WGH is a movement that strives for greater gender equality in global health, and is dedicated to empowering female leaders of today and improving the global health of tomorrow

- 23 May 2017
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