SAP is recognised for driving digital literacy on the continent enabling economic growth and social change JOHANNESBURG, Sou...

- 29 September 2016

Does it seem likely that a billionaire would promise to give away half his wealth for a worthy cause? As unlikely as that might sound, that is what South Africa's only black billionair...

- 26 September 2016

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has claimed that African countries are prepared to pull out of the United Nations after several attempts by the African Union to become permanent member ...

- 26 September 2016

NEW YORK, United States, 23 September 2016,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/- Thanks to the support from key partners, including the Confederation of African Football, the Aspire Academy and t...

- 24 September 2016

Seeing is believing! It may seem like a make-believe story if you are being told there is a someone who is able to twist her body into different shapes and forms.

- 23 September 2016

Samsung demonstrates its Smart School solution at Innovation Africa 2016 NAIROBI, Kenya, 22 September 2016 -/African Media Agency/- C...

- 22 September 2016

When we think of the wealthiest people in the world, we most often think of the Waltons (of Wal-Mart fame), Warren Buffett, or Bill Gates. However, if you go a bit further back in history,...

- 21 September 2016

Speaking in an exclusive interview with CNBC Africa, billionaire businessman and Africa's richest man, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, advised African leaders to give incentives to investors and...

- 19 September 2016

An African acrobat accused of having unprotected sex with several Aussie women while being infected with HIV has had his Australian permanent residency cancelled and faces deportation....

- 17 September 2016

A pastor in Limpopo, South Africa, has committed suicide after mistakenly sending a picture of his manhood to his church WhatsApp group, it has been reported.

- 15 September 2016

The founder and leader of Faith Word Church International at Nii Boi Town in Accra, Ghana, has been arrested by the police for allegedly rubbing olive oil on the private parts of his churc...

- 12 September 2016

23-year-old Abdiaziz Aden who was diagnosed with Osteogenic sarcoma (cancer of the bone) has been granted his lifelong wish of going on a Hajj in Mecca, Saudia Arabia.

- 12 September 2016
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